Anger rising in Romania as the Government passes disputed Emergency Ordinance decriminalizing certain offences

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The international press has raised an eyebrow as anger is rising in Romania after the Government passed an Emergency Ordinance last evening to decriminalize certain offences. In an attempt to facilitate the understanding of the actual content of the disputed Ordinance by a non-Romanian speaking audience, we have translated two versions of this text:

The above documents are unofficial translations of the two versions of text provided by CASA DE TRADUCERI for information only. This text can be reproduced freely, provided that the mention „Translation by Casa de Traduceri, Bucharest, Romania” is included in the reference.

The official translation of the Romanian Criminal Code and of the Romanian Criminal Procedure Code are available on the website of the Ministry of Justice ( – download links at the bottom of this page)

2 comentarii
  • Anke ter Hoeve
    februarie 2, 2017

    Great help! Please, do you also have a translation of the pardon law that goes to Parliament now?

    • Oana Dorobanțu
      februarie 3, 2017

      Hello, thank you for your feedback. We haven’t prepared the translation of the pardon law proposed to Parliament yet. We will try to prepare it for next week. We will surely let you know about it. Stay informed! And thank you for caring about Romania

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