memoQfest is over… long live memoQfest!

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memoQfest is over…but the ripples it created are just beginning to flow. It might be a new client, might be new friends, might be the start of a new tradition for those ~50% new participants to this memoQfest.

First of all I want to thank all the guys and girls at Kilgray who managed, once again, to create an extraordinary event. I would also want to thank every participant that I had the pleasure to talk to for sharing their ideas, their thoughts (professional, personal…). To all the people that I continue to meet again and again, year after year. It’s a tradition by now, right? See you next year!

What’s there to say about the event? Well, I might mention all the tips and tricks and extremely detailed information taught at the 2 master classes (for project managers and for translators). I might congratulate István for securing his position as CEO. I could also talk about all the great speakers invited and about all the insights they shared with us.

There are so many things that make memoQfest a great event. I could talk about the new FrameMaker, but then again I won’t. It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because we all promised not to. Yes. That’s how innovative and exclusive memoQfest is. We got to see things that nobody else will see until…nope, I can’t tell you that either. Picture this: memoQ already developed a filter for the new FrameMaker files, way before its launch. You know there’s a great collaboration there.

It’s the fact that there’s a special workshop where the users can strike back. Yes, you can take off your gloves and ask the persons behind memoQ anything. You can complain, you can ask for things, you can tell them what they’re doing wrong. You might think this is something bad, but no, it isn’t. They thrive on that. The more things you have to say the better they will try to be.

That’s how you know you’re dealing with a company that really cares about its product, about its users.

We could also talk about the memoQ from the memoQfest. More precisely, memoQ 2015. A proof that the software is growing, it’s being refined. It looks amazing. And the functionality…

Enhanced leverage

It can be frustrating when a fuzzy match has just a word or two different and those words are in your term base, autocorrect list or other resource. memoQ 2015 has enhanced leverage functionality called Matchpatch which repairs fuzzy matches. It will correct the fuzzy match by replacing the incorrect words based on term bases or other resources. memoQ’s number substitution functionality has also been improved. memoQ 2015 now recognises more number patterns and substitutes them correctly as expected for the target language.

Let’s get back to the event now. To the fest. To the networking events. Did I mention there’s also a boat ride on the Danube, at night? Every year they spoil us with great venues, great food, great wine and…returning after a short break, great cocktails. The moment your cocktail is made by a certified champion in his field you know that cocktail will be just right.

I’m talking about the Gala Diner. The high point of all the networking events. Live band, sand drawing and glass singing and…did I mention the cocktails? Gala Diner…the moment when everybody drops their business cards, drops the sales skills and become themselves, they have fun, they dance, jump, laugh, they become the persons behind the “suit”.

Could you ask for more? What other event offers you the possibility to be the complete you?

The professional during the day, the real you during the night.

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